Woonmanagement Maastricht (WMM)

can be helpful to you as a landlord in various ways ? WMM can relieve you, depending on your wishes partly or completely, from the work related to management of your property.

  1. Rental mediation

    Do you have living accommodation (a house, an apartment, a studio or room) for rent? We will search for a tenant, that meets your desired tenant profile. We have several renowned platforms for the presentation of your object.

  2. Property Management

    If you prefer not to manage your property yourself, WMM can relieve you from that for as far as you wish. Several forms of property management are possible:

    Administrative / Commercial Management:

    For the objects under our management, this includes amongst others:

    • advise you on the area of rental pricing, contract duration and other rental conditions;
    • acting as your rental mediator for the duration of the management;
    • in the event of the termination of a tenancy agreement, we will urgently search for a new suitable tenant;
    • the drawing-up of tenancy agreements;
    • the checking and processing of notices of termination of tenancy agreements;
    • acting as the first point of contact for tenants.

    Technical management:

    For the objects under our management, this includes amongst others:

    • supervising the implementation of periodic fire safety checks;
    • supervising the implementation of the annual inspection of the central heating / heating installation;
    • monitoring the good state of maintenance;
    • architectural advice for maintenance;
    • supervision and / or implementation of maintenance;
    • monitoring and checking the proper functioning of common facilities;
    • acting as a reporting point in the event of malfunctions.

    Legal management:

    This management includes:

    • assistance with collection;
    • advising on Rent Committee issues;
    • advice in the event of other rental disputes.

    Financial management:

    This management includes:

    • keeping a payment overview of the rent;
    • the reminder in case of rent arrears;
    • making a standard service charge settlement.

    Full management includes all the above forms of management and ensures complete unburdening. Depending on the nature and scope of the selected services, data is processed in our management system. In this system, we process relevant data with regard to the objects in question, such as tenants, rent payments, lease agreements, etc. Our customers who use the system can travel anywhere in the world (provided they have a working internet connection), log into the system at any time of the day.

    Management is customization. We are happy to inform you on the basis of your wishes about the options and associated rates. Feel free of obligation to make an appointment with our office.