General practice doctor, dentist, pharmacy

General practice doctor (GP)

In the Netherlands it is common practice to be registered as a patient with a GP (‘huisarts’). When you feel the need to consult a doctor because of health problems, you first have to turn to your GP. To see your GP, you will have to make an appointment. The GP will hear your health problems and will do a physical examination (if necessary). If the problems can be solved by medication, the GP will issue a prescription. The prescribed medication can be picked up at a pharmacy immediately. Should the GP consider a more extensive treatment or examination necessary, the GP will refer you to a hospital or a medical specialist.

Since the choice of a GP is a personal choice, we cannot refer you to any particular GP in Maastricht. All GP’s speak English and most of them, offer you the opportunity to meet them in an introductory interview, after you have registered as a new patient.

When choosing a GP it is wise to take into account the location of the GP’s practice, It is probably the most convenient, to choose a practice near your home. Go to the website and indicate there your postal code and the maximum distance you would prefer to travel to reach your GP’s practice. Then click on “Huisarts” and you will get a list of the nearest GP’s, with their addresses and phone numbers. Simply call and make an appointment to register. Don’t forget to bring proof of your health insurance when registering (i.e. your healthcare pass).


Likewise, you can register with a local dentist (‘tandarts’). You can use the website or simply search Google using the key words: “ tandarts Maastricht” to find one. Some dentists may not accept new patients as a result of capacity constraints. Note that coverage for the costs of dental care, depends on your health insurance policy. Depending on your health insurance the dentist will directly invoice to you or to your insurer.


It is probably most convenient to also choose a pharmacy (‘apotheek’) close to your home. Since most of the medication avaliable in the pharmacies is only dispensed on prescription of a doctor such as your GP, the easiest way to find a pharmacy is to ask your GP.

Weekends and evenings

In case you need to see a doctor outside the consultation hours of your own GP (evenings or weekends) and you can’t wait until the next working day, contact the GP Medical Post Maastricht & Heuvelland by telephone on +31 (0)43 387 77 77. You can only visit the GP Medical Post, after you’ve made an appointment bij telephone. The GP Medical Post is located adjacent tot the accident and emergency department (ER) at Maastricht University Hospital (azM), P. Debyelaan 25 in 6229 HX Maastricht.

In case you need to see a dentist outside the consultation hours of your own dentist (evenings or weekends) and you can’t wait until the next working day, use the website to find the dentist on duty.

The Apotheek Maastricht UMC+ is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Apotheek Maastricht UMC+ is located on Level 1 of Maastricht University Hospital (azM) near the main entrance West (where the municipal busses come), opposite the ‘ Stiltecentrum’ (quiet room/prayer room).


In case you need urgently an ambulance, the police or the fire department, dial the emergency number 112.