Household waste

The city of Maastricht has a disposal and recycling system for household waste.

The city of Maastricht collects domestic residual waste door-to-door, provided this waste is put in the official municipal residual waste bags, in accordance with the regulations. These bags are red and white in colour. On these bags is indicated, what waste may not be put in there. The bags, can be put out at the kerb securely closed, from 7 PM the evening before bag collection day, up to 6:00 AM on bag collection day. The bags will be collected once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the district you live in. On the website of the city of Maastricht (, you can find the waste calendars for the different districts, together with the regulations regarding all waste.

The official red and white municipal residual waste bags, can be purchased at various different places in Maastricht. Most supermarkets sell them at their information desk.

How to dispose of domestic waste that you are not allowed to put in the residual waste bags, such as among other things paper, glass and PMD (plastic packaging, metallic packaging and drinking cartons), is indicated on the website of the city of Maastricht (