Gas, water & electricity

When you rent living accommodation (a room, studio, apartment or house), the utilities gas,water and electricity, will often be supplied to you as an additional supply on behalf of your landlord. In that case payment of the costs of these utilities, will be included in your payment obligation under your tenancy agreement. The supplier will directly deliver to you and invoice to your landlord.

In case any of these utilities is not supplied to you as an additional supply on behalf of your landlord, you will have to arrange this supply yourself. It is important to take care of that promptly, because otherwise you run the risk of being shut off and therefore having to pay extra costs. Your living accommodation will have its own meter for the utility concerned. The supplier will directly deliver and invoice to you.



In the city of Maastricht as well as in the rest of the province Limburg, the only supplier of tap water, is the Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (WML). You must timely register as a new resident/customer. You can register online (www.wml.nl). For a new registration you will need in any case:

Gas and electricity

The energy market in the Netherlands is liberalized. This means that in deciding the supplier of gas and electricity, you always have a choice. Most of the suppliers offer ‘green’ options, which means that the energy comes from natural sources (such as sunlight, wind, water and biomass), which sources have a much smaller impact on the environment than fossil fuels.

You must timely register as a new resident/customer at the supplier of your choice. Usually you can register online. For registration you usually need:

Which supplier?

Since WML is the only tap water supplier, you have no choice there. As far as the supply of gas and electricity is concerned, there are various options. Essent is one of the largest suppliers of gas and electricity in the Netherlands. It is a reliable supplier with reasonable rates. Essent therefore is considered as a good option.